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Our stories

We aim to provide a secure place for you to explore and grow in your faith and your identity. For many gay Catholics, their journey of faith has been eventful, sometimes painful. We come from a variety of different backgrounds, both culturally and spiritually, and we each have a story to tell. 


"I first attended masses welcoming LGBT Catholics in May 2007 after seeing an advert whilst flicking through the LGBT section of London's TimeOut magazine. Having been raised a Catholic, I'd moved away from church communities as I felt I didn't fit with the regular setup of 2.4 children or a young adult searching for a partner. Strangely, and in a completely unexpected way as I'd never seen my sexuality itself as a reason not to be religious, this advert felt like a call back to the Church - God was talking to me through an entertainment magazine."

I've been part of YAG from its start in 2008. At the time there were few younger members of the community and we felt that a group specifically catering for the social and spiritual needs of a younger generation was needed. Since then YAG has grown from strength to strength, and the fellowship I've felt amongst group members has been fantastic, something appreciated also by my non-LGBT Catholic friends who've often commented on how strong the YAG community is."   Sarah

"I've been in YAG since it started and have watched it grow from strength to strength since then. Over the last 5 years the fellowship it has provided has been really important to me, both spiritually and socially, and I feel my relationship with God and the Church has become much stronger because of it."

"When I started attending YAG, I was looking for a safe space to help me develop and integrate my spirituality and my sexuality. I've been attending YAG events since 2008 and in it I've found the community I was looking for while developing beautiful and strong friendships. I've met many people from different walks of life and am always amazed by the gifts that God bestows on each of us. I would describe YAG as a safe haven for any Catholic exploring his or her LGBT identity and for any LGBT person looking to explore the Catholic faith and encounter Christ."

"I'd always known I was gay but struggled to find a place in a church community which accepted me for who I am. I know that God loves me but sometimes it doesn't feel like the Church does. YAG helped me realise I'm not alone and there are many others who face the same issues in living their lives authentically for God. It's good to travel the road with friends!" Christopher

"Before joining this group I thought that I had to chose between being gay and being Catholic. Through this group of supportive people I realise that I could choose both."


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